ahhh .. unique !! <3

ahhh .. unique !! <3

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leee mee ..like an idot * ^^ 

leee mee ..like an idot * ^^ 

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augustharrison-deactivated20120 asked: You are so cute- Why must you live in Bulgaria! D:

no idea .. :s

timmybearhilby-deactivated20120 asked: i love your post about the perfect boy :3 exactly what i'm looking for lol :)

thanks .. :)

timmybearhilby-deactivated20120 asked: i cant find the message button on your page :(

So sorry :S Do you have facebook ?

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I wanna do real bad things with you&#160;! 

I wanna do real bad things with you ! 

le beautiful me bitchezzz * 

le beautiful me bitchezzz * 

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The boy I’m looking for!

So im pretty sure you all already know what kind of guy im looking for because all i seem to do is post, tweet, blog, and talk about it lol. But Just in case you missed out on it here i go ^.^! So i know what most guys look for and thats all fine and dandy! lol Sexy dude, muscular, hot face and all that. But these days it seems like people are so obsessed with finding the sexiest guy out there that NO ONE appreciates a gentleman or an adorable guy! its ridiculous! Thats all i want. But because people are so obsessed with this other guy, THATS what everyone is trying to be! Its so sad. I mean dont get me wrong looks are what attracts you to someone at first EVERYONE knows that. But if you cant give me what i like or am looking for, i AM NOT gonna settle for a cute face and a nice body…NEXT lol! I want a guy who can treat me like the only guy in the world. YEAH BITCH its cheezy! but its what i want! I want to be able to ask him “How was work babe?” or ask him if he wants a massage, or make him happy when he’s sad.

As for what im looking for in HIM. I want someone who isn’t affraid to tell me what they’re thinking because they dont want to make me mad. I want them to be cutesie with me. I want a cuddler! I want someone who can make jokes with me and not get but hurt about them. Someone who gives me the attention i deserve. I want someone who’s adorable! A cartoon watcher, a chick flick lover, a cute face maker, a hard worker, someone who has emotions, someone who’s not affraid to look stupid for me. I want someone who’s willing to do for me, what im willing to do for them <3 i mean a cute face and nice body would be nice, but without a good heart, a classy mentality, and affections, its still only a shel… YEAH BITCH I GOT ALL DEEP AT THE END THERE!!!… . .PAUZ. But no really. I just want to wait until i find someone who is worth my affections :)

made by me&#160;! &lt;3

made by me ! <3